Park Planning

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What is a Neighbourhood Park?

Great parks are designed to develop an environment that fits people. The City of Fredericton has dedicated 5 hectares of land in your neighbourhood as park land to be developed into Upper Hanwell Neighbourhood Park. This land is adjacent to the subdivision accessed by Valcour Drive and Lian Street. The park is classified as a neighbourhood park meaning:

  • It is within a 750m radius walking distance for residents living in the area;

  • It serves as a recreational and social focal point providing space for gathering, informal activity, and play.

Examples of neighbourhood parks in the City of Fredericton are Reading Street Park and Lincoln Heights Park. To guide its development, the City is creating an Upper Hanwell Neighbourhood Park Master Plan.


Parks are for people

Understanding the demographic make-up of a neighbourhood is important for ensuring that park design meets the diverse needs of the resident population. The following statistics provide a brief overview of the people who live in surrounding neighbourhoods and will recreate in Upper Hanwell Neighbourhood Park.

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Park design is successful when all of the elements being considered for use in the space have a clear purpose. In a neighbourhood park, these elements can be natural such as the land and trees, built such as ball courts and walking trails, and include supporting amenities and minor structures such as benches and gazebos. All of these individual elements must be coordinated to create balance and harmony in the space. Together, they must flexibly support a variety of activities for people of all ages and abilities, and can adapt to changing demographics.

Consultation BIG IDEAS

This neighbourhood park master plan is based on the results of public session consultation.  Overwhelmingly, residents want to place passive recreation and social activity in the park without significantly impacting the site’s natural attributes. In fact, activity should celebrate the natural attributes! The following summarizes the BIG IDEAS for this site.

Placing Consultation Ideas

Upper Hanwell Neighbourhood Park capitalizes on a magnificent natural and topographic setting to provide neighbourhood residents with thematically appropriate passive recreational activity.  Park amenities are designed and placed to bring all ages together for shared social and play reasons.

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Share your thoughts: Master Plan Concepts

We want to hear from you! As a next step in the public consultation process, the city is asking interested residents to share their thoughts on Upper Hanwell Neighbourhood Park Master Plan concepts. The image below locates each of these nine development concepts in the 5-hectare park.  We thank you for your time and assistance!

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