HIgh Point Ridge NEighbourhood Park

The City of Fredericton is planning a new 5.38 acre neighbourhood park that will serve the High Point Ridge subdivision. A neighbourhood park is a local park within walking distance (750m) of a residential neighbourhood; it is a recreational and social focal point, providing space for gathering, informal activity, and play.  Examples of neighbourhood parks in the City of Fredericton are Reading Street Park and Lincoln Heights Park.

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Park Planning

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The High Point Ridge Neighbourhood Park engagement process began in the fall of 2018. Thirty-five residents attended the September 25, 2018 workshop at Morning Gate Church. Participants developed 11 preliminary ideas to guide the next phase of public engagement and plan development:

  1. Play structure for smaller kids, closer to the entrance of the lower park area.

  2. Larger play structure for older kids in the lower park area, within eyesight of the park entrance.

  3. Multi-purpose hard surface (i.e., half court) in lower park area.

  4. Small splash pad / water feature in lower park area.

  5. Central open green space in lower park area.

  6. Shelter / shade product, picnic tables, and benches with views of play spaces in lower park area.

  7. Passive recreation area with shade and seating closer to Sarahs Lane.

  8. Paved, accessible trail for wheeled modes of transportation/recreation.

  9. Unpaved nature trails following topography of the upper park area.

  10. Sliding hill working with park’s steeper topography.

  11. Keep as many trees as possible and maintain a natural feel.

Following this public workshop, residents of the subdivision were invited to complete a survey. This survey was open from December 11th 2018 to January 23rd 2019. It asked residents about their park use habits, activities, and priority amenities. The results of the 113 survey responses are summarized in the charts below.

Survey Results

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Next Steps

Residents are invited to participate in a second public workshop on Tuesday, February 26th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at Morning Gate Church. This workshop will focus on locating amenities to support activity within the park. All are welcome to join!